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Nuno Felting
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More about Nuno Felting

Learn how to apply this wonderful technique to your designs! 

About The MasterClass

girl in beautifull dress
silk dress

Nuno-Felted Silk Dress With Roses

Nuno-Felted Silk Dress with Roses in 1-Day Workshop with Zero Experience.

In this MasterClass you will learn how to create a nuno-felted boho style silk/merino wool dress with a unique rose texture, of high artistic quality. This course is designed for complete beginners to experienced felters. You don’t need any previous sewing experience.

The dress for the MasterClass was made in one day. In this online course you will see how it was done, step by step.

If you follow my guidance and example, you will create a designer garment, as if from the haute couture fashion show.  You will be the queen of the night - confident and radiant in a unique dress made by you.

This technique will untie your creativity. Sky's the limit to your fantasies.

 150 EUR

10 Lessons



42 min

  • 150€

All these designs are possible with Woocoon MasterClass! 


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